Video Games Do Not Equal Violence

The popular idea that violence in life is influenced or derived from the violence portrayed in movies, and specifically video games, is a theory that has long been disproved.

However, it seems every time there is an issue with violence, whether it be a shooting or other similar incident, instead of trying to find the real issue behind these horrific acts, many prominent figures, including politicians, revert to this inaccurate claim.

As a whole, humans have never lived in a less violent time than during the 21st century. Of course that doesn’t mean violence doesn’t currently exist, but the likelihood of the average person behind killed has decreased dramatically.

Much of that is due to modern civilization existing in a capitalist society where wealth can be made and accumulated rather than pillaged and plundered. Beyond that, many individuals find other outlets to reduce stress and anxiety. Increasingly in our generation, this includes video games.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that many happy memories have been made, that of course involve our friends and family, but surrounded by and connected to this wonderfully crafted outlet.

So the next time anyone makes the assertion that video games are the root cause of the violence that we see from time to time, don’t be afraid to correct them. The data has been collected, and the results extracted, and the evidence points to a resounding “no.”

In case you are interested in learning more regarding the studies regarding this topic, I’ve included the links below.

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