10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Gamer


Christmas gift shopping. Every year we start out with determination to finish Christmas shopping early so we can avoid stress and enjoy Christmas with our families. Instead we usually end up scrambling at the last minute (despite our best intentions) still mulling over the best gift ideas for our loved ones and panic shopping and possibly wanting to punch a reindeer.

Don’t punch a reindeer. We don’t recommend violence. If you have a gamer in your life, we have compiled a list of unique gift ideas any video gaming aficionado is sure to love. Plan now and enjoy Christmas later.

1. Lighted Poke Power Bank

This power bank ensures Pokemon Go players will never have a low phone battery, and if you know anyone who plays Pokemon Go, you know how essential good battery life is.


2. Fortnite Bush Tee

Your die-hard Fortnite gamer will get it. Plus, it’s ultra soft and form fitting, unlike most novelty tees that are boxy and scratchy.


3. Pokeball Split Necklace

If you love Pokemon, and your giftee also loves Pokemon, well hey, this necklace was made for both of you! Treat them, and treat yourself, we always say.


4. Radioactive Hexagon PS4 Cover

Know a Playstation 4 (PS4) gamer? I bet they already have a PS4 console. Get them an accessory for their console!


5. Just Peachy Tank

It’s so incredibly hard to find anything of quality for the girl gamer in your life (and trust me, the ladies in your life know quality clothing). This Just Peachy racerback tank is cute, soft, comfortable and is a perfect, subtle tribute to Princess Peach that gamer girls love.


6. Super Nintendo Style Controller

Any, I repeat--any--gamer would love this throwback accessory. It has a USB connection and works on PC, MAC, Android IOS and most Retropie consoles.


7. Retro Stone Smartphone Triggers

This smartphone accessory allows mobile Fortnite or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) gamers to play in a more comfortable hand position, making the game easier to play.


8. Retro Arcade Cabinet For Nintendo Switch

This retro arcade cabinet for Nintendo Switch makes your gamer feel a little more classic while he or she plays their favorite Nintendo Switch games. It includes convenient storage for the controllers.


9. Retro Stone Mechanical Keyboard

Serious, hardcore PC gamers need a mechanical keyboard for a better quality, more comfortable gaming experience. Usually they are way overpriced, but this Retro Stone Mechanical Keyboard is both high quality and nice to your credit card.


10. Controller Wall Decal

Does your gamer like their gaming room themed? Yeah, most do. Dangle Controller Wall Decal is a modern, trendy, and versatile accent addition for any gaming-themed room.

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